Generate brand visibility and get your brand values across to every web visitor

Reach the people who matter most to you. Target driven advertising and interaction with golfers in your area.

Reach the people who matter most to you. Through ClubLink App, brands can advertise and interact directly with the local golfing community. ClubLink is a powerful advertising solution that is fully integrated into the golf course’s digital marketing platform, the platform is ideally suited for brands who wish to engage with the valuable ABC1 demographic in their area. Adverts in our ClubLink platform reach players on local golf courses by appearing on the club’s Smartphone App and Website Flybys.

ClubNet allows you to do exactly that!

Save time, easily manage your website, produce amazingly creative ads which allow your viewers to be engaged through interactive content.

Geolocalised Messaging

Location is now a key component of reaching a target audience. Sponsors can avail location-based messaging to engage app users at any location and time. Raising brand awareness and, ultimately, driving revenue.

Free Golf Vouchers

As a sponsors of our golf club client each sponsor will receive golf vouchers which can be used as corporate gifts or for client entertaining.

Digital Branding

Effectively target ABC1 golfers via our digital channel both at the golf club and on their website. Your brand will be broadcast at the point of sale to an average of 25,000 golfers per year and on the clubs website with an average of 1500 unique visitors per month.

Digital Display

Located at the pro shop desk, Engage customers at

the point of sale

Product Placement

Working with the club we will arrange the best location and time for maximum impact. Gain exposure by having your product blend in to the normal golf day.

Push Notifications

  • Opt-In Rate

    Push notifications, have an impressive opt-in rate of 60-70 % upon average. Email’s opt-in rate, is only 5% on the average.

  • Click-Through Rate

    17-20% of users who receive a push notification click the link it contains. Email has a far less impressive result of 2-3%.

  • Response Time

    On average, 30-40 % of push subscribers interact with the message instantly. Email is far less powerful with the average response time of 6.5 hours.

The Audience

Average net income €56k – 37% have a net income of €31k, to €56k

  • Recommend or approve purchases for their business:

  • Higher Spenders: (versus Consumer Average)

  • Fly more regularly and spend more than 300% on hotels

  • Invest 350% more in financial services and stocks

  • Drink 200% more of beers & spirits

  • Spend 200% more on luxury jewelery

  • 200% more likely to own a holiday home

  • Purchase more regularly and spend more than 200% on cars

  • Travel further abroad and spend 200% more on their holidays

Graduates or Post Graduates
40 – 65 years
18-39 years
65 years +

Club Website
Generate brand visibility and get your brandvalues across to every web visitor

Create a boost to your business with unique advertising using ClubNet.

Boasting 70,000+ users, ClubNet’s cloud-based suite of integrate marketing and management tools helps you cut down admin time and allows you to focus on looking after your members and guests whilst driving more revenue

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